The Importance of Coffee

This theory is based upon the following premise:

Everything is made up of Energy, atoms vibrating at various speeds and frequencies.

  1. As Human Beings we are focusing instruments capable of focusing our energy and attention, consciousness – our thoughts and desires into the non-physical realm, and then allowing that desire to manifest, in physical form, on our physical earth plane.
  2. All desires that we create have the ability to manifest into physical form no matter how outrageous or far fetched they may seem, the only obstacle to the manifestation is our own limited beliefs. If this physical world has the power to create the desire, in consciousness, it also has the power to create the manifestation.
  3. We live in two realms and states of consciousness, the physical and nonphysical. The physical realm is our beloved planet earth. The non-physical realm is the invisible world of energy and creation that, although we cannot see it with our eyes, we can feel it with our bodies. We access this non-physical world when we are asleep. Our dream state is as real as our awake state, we are just accessing the non-physical realm.
  4. Transition from the non-physical to the physical. When we wake-up in the morning we are in a state of transitioning from the non-physical world to the physical
    world. It is a time of feeling foggy and not clear with our thoughts. For many of us the first thing we want and drink upon awakening into the physical realm is Coffee. Coffee is a powerful natural pharmaceutical assisting us in making the transition from the non-physical world to the physical world. It has the power and ability to help us in focusing (we are focusing mechanisms) our thoughts and manifesting our desires.
  5. Because this time of transition, from the non-physical to the physical worlds, is a vulnerable time for us, it is important that we choose the best substance, natural pharmaceutical, available to assist us. Organically grown, fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee prepared expertly, or cold pressed coffee that has been made in the best possible way, is our most powerful ally in helping us make the transition from the non-physical realm to the physical realm. Each morning we have a choice, we can choose a low quality stimulant that delivers a low and less effective dosage, or we can choose the best quality stimulant that maximizes this opportunity and delivers; an ability to focus clearly on physical tasks in the physical world, mood elevator directing our thoughts and attention in a positive creative way, stimulation of energy in our bodies giving us an aliveness and energy boost.