Coffee is a Superfood

As my coffee guru states in Yoga Times:

“Food is fuel for our bodies. When we are taking care of our bodies and giving it fuel that is high in nutrients we feel good and perform at a high level. More of us are eating SuperFoods and can feel the Life Force energy they contain. Organically grown Freshly Roasted and Freshly Ground 100% Arabica Coffee is a SuperFood for our brains the most powerful tool that we, as human beings possess. Coffee enhances the performance of our brains through assisting us in increasing our ability to focus our attention while stimulating thoughts of creativity and inspiration.

Coffee, like other SuperFoods, must be consumed fresh, by fresh I am talking about after the coffee bean has been roasted. Coffee can be stored for years in its green state, but after roasting it is alive and vital, as a SuperFood, for less than a week. It also must be freshly ground. Once coffee is ground oxidation happens immediately and the coffee goes stale after just a few hours.

There are over 1500 chemical compounds in fresh roasted coffee. After roasted coffee is cooled, it takes several hours for the beans to settle before reaching their peak potency. My personal tests have determined a post roasted peak time of 11 hours. After roasting there is a degassing process that occurs where the porous coffee bean is breathing out CO2 and other chemical compounds. 40% of the CO2 is lost after just 24 hours. The remaining 60% of the CO2 discharges over the next 6 – 7 days. As long as these gases and compounds are moving out of the porous beans, oxygen is prevented from moving in and destroying, through oxidation, what is left. Once the degassing process is finished, the coffee bean stops breathing and dies…its LIfe Force and vitality has expired.

The oils that were created through the roasting process become rancid, the coffee is no longer Fresh Roasted. And vacuum packaging, refrigerating, freezing, or any other process cannot prevent this death and deterioration from occurring. In fact, refrigerating or freezing coffee is more harmful than it is beneficial. You donʼt need special instruments to measure this, you can taste and feel the difference in your body! Our bodies are energy transformers and transmitters. Like batteries, we need to have the right balance between acidity and alkalinity to transmit energy efficiently. Most diets are heavily acidic which leads to obesity, listen to Jamie Oliverʼs TED talk on this subject.

Asher Yaron